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Company information


Enjoy the world with an innovative concept !!

  • Youth dreams and energy create the future.

  • We always pursue the infinite possibilities of the Web.

  • Create new values and empathy worldwide.

Mission Mission

Make your dreams come true together! ︎

  • We support companies with an aggressive DX strategy that leads to sales.

  • Create a sympathetic Buzz strategy.

  • We will work as a team with our clients to assist in planning and operation. 


Learn the joy of helping others.

  • We value innovative concepts and "try".

  • Create synergistic effects.

  • We aim for a world full of human power.

  • We support youth dreams and energy.

  • We support SDG's.

Company Overview


​Company Name

​Conceptor Co., Ltd.


​Established / Capital

September 3, 2007

20 million yen



Shoji Osaka



  • Harajuku STUDIO

  • main office


​Main office

2-7-26 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 Landwork Aoyama Building 2nd floor

Harajuku Studio

​1 minute on foot

Room 534, 5th floor, Corp Olympia, 6-35-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 107-0061



Major trading partners

au Jibun Bank Co., Ltd., Sakata Seed Co., Ltd., SG System Co., Ltd., Hibiya Kadan Co., Ltd., Koike Transport Co., Ltd., Vortex Co., Ltd., Musashi Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Glasses Top Co., Ltd., Yamasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd., Haruyama Shoji Mouse Computer Co., Ltd., Itoen Co., Ltd., Fuji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., Ltd., Frontier International Co., Ltd., Daio Paper Co., Ltd., Kowa Co., Ltd., Seven CS Card Co., Ltd., Parco City Co., Ltd., TOC Dial Service Co., Ltd., LINE Co., Ltd., Treasure Island Co., Ltd., Starts Publishing Co., Ltd., Haruki Kakugawa Office, TBS Dignet Co., Ltd., Tokyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd., DeNA Co., Ltd., DAC Co., Ltd., D2C Co., Ltd. , Dentsu Co., Ltd., Hakuhodo Co., Ltd., JR East Planning Co., Ltd., f-me Co., Ltd., Creek & River Co., Ltd., IMJ Mobile Co., Ltd.

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